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Major information to take note of....

Dear fans of Age 0f Chaos webcomic I would like to apologize for this bad news i will be imparting to you today. Our main artist Tofu Jiggles will be leaving us due to more activity coming into her life and her transition from high school to college.

Because of this Age 0f Chaos webcomic is looking for a new artist to take her place....

Calling all Artists! Nic will write you/r story/ies (or poems) if you will draw for her!

If you are an artist or know of anyone that can draw animestyle male and female characters then please read on...

You can contact Nic through...(please have an appropriate SUBJECT on the email before sending to ensure that she will read your mail)
My emails:
> nic.writing@gmail.com
> nic_anime@yahoo.com

Age0fChaos webcomic needs an artist to take the place of their current main artist, Tofu Jiggles, who is leaving them in around a month's time due to more activity coming into her life and her transition from high school to college. The bargain is: you draw for this webcomic and i will write you a literary piece/s of your choice/story/ies or I will incorporate your story into the webcomic (whichever you prefer).

Genres I CANNOT DO...
.full on mystery (solving tons of mysteries per chapter [example: a story similar to Detective Conan or Sherlock Holmes])
.Erotica (lots of sex in all/a number of chapters)
.Yuri (girl to girl/lesbian)
.Video/computer game based (unless you want me to do a literary piece and not incorporate it into the webcomic, in that case I CAN do this genre)

You can view the webcomic site here = http://age0fchaos.smackjeeves.com/

Another site where our webcomic can be located at is = http://www.mangamagazine.net/manga-and-comics/Age-of-Chaos/detail-page/410

You can view my old literary works here (be aware my writing skills may have improved as i wrote these literary pieces years ago):
. http://www.writerscafe.org/NicWryte
. http://www.fictionpress.com/~nicmirusaki
. my fanfiction = http://www.fanfiction.net/~nicmirusaki2

Age 0f Chaos is a tale of assassins, of wizards, of creatures never seen before, of 40 kinds of races, of time travel, of adventure with a hint of romance, and of war...

The webcomic currently updates every 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month. You'll be working side by side with me and Kiri. Kiri is one of the artists already working on the webcomic.

The work schedule is around 20 days per black and white (toned and inked) strip, around 20 days per fully coloured chapter cover, around 10 days per fully coloured full body character, and around 1 month per fully colored strip (which is only required for major events/scenes in the webcomic).
If you cannot color that is fine, we'll color the work for you - in that case it'd be 6 days per full bodied character lineart, 15 days per chapter cover lineart, and 20 days per major/nonmajor strip lineart (inked [untoned/toned]).
1 strip = 1 to 8 panels (1 being minimum and 8 being maximum though this does not include mini panels) An example to illustrate what i mean would be this = http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h313/nic_anime/page_01_sketchstrip12.jpg
(if you were to count the boxes there are 6 panels in the sketch of this strip, 2 of the boxes contain mini panels and if you include the mini panels in the counting then you get 10 panels but mini panels are not really counted they are more of an added visual effect than an actual panel)
If you work at a faster pace then great! We will update the webcomic more! If you work at a slower pace then we have to make arrangements for that or this may not be for you.

Thank you and I hope to hear back from you! ^_^

Please spread the word as i would love to continue this webcomic but am unable to draw for it unfortunately. I do not want this webcomic to go into a hiatus or be discontinued so if you feel the same way please do spread the word so we can find an artist to fill in Tofu's spot before she leaves. Thank you! Once again i'm sorry to be imparting this horrible news on you all.

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